Boiler Quote Price Comparison with British Gas

June 13, 2016 3:04 pm

Marvel Vs men in blue vans:

Save money, stress and ….the world

A landlord came to us this week to quote for a boiler replacement as we are one of the best plumbing services in London.  We will call this landlord “Wonder Woman”.   The boiler repair was no longer viable, and her tenant was now requesting money off the rent!

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I’m afraid to say this is a pretty common occurrence in our world. We hear horror stories of tenants refusing to pay any rent until problems are solved. Landlords undoubtedly want their tenants to be happy and stay in their property avoiding any periods with no tenants and no rent at all costs!

Let us tell you in no uncertain terms: The reality of attempting to repair a boiler that is old and inefficient can cause a whole world of pain for everyone concerned.

What Tenants Think..!!!

Tenants can become frustrated when they are left with no heating or hot water. That’s understandable right? Trust towards the plumbers can be lost after the faulty part replaced highlights a further problem on the system. This is no fault of any heating engineer, it’s impossible to know until work is undertaken but we understand this frustration. Which is why we have developed a boiler breakdown sheet which shows our customers where the fault lies within the boiler and where potential further faults could be. Did we mention that this is an industry innovation? No other company in the UK can offer you this!

My apologies, I digress… back to Wonder Woman.

The tenant was understandably frustrated as Wonder Woman had attempted to repair the boiler and with some parts taking up to 3 days to arrive the tenant had finally had enough. As a landlord It’s a horrid position to be in. You probably need that rent to pay the buy to let mortgage!

Repairing broken boilers or replacing them?marvel-plumbing-boiler-icon

One of our company policies is that if we head out to a property and the boiler is over 10 years old we will give you a price to repair the broken part but will also give you a quote for a full boiler replacement. From our experience, fixing boilers over 10 years old can often lead to costly repairs. Our boiler breakdown sheet is a great way to summarise all the information and make the right decision for you.

Everyone knows Wonder Woman is smart, right? That’s right… she got multiple quotes for the work to replace her combination boiler with a new energy efficient boiler.

What is the benefit of an A-Rated boiler?

The new A-rated energy boiler will mean her tenant will save approx. £250 a year in heating bills. Although this isn’t a direct benefit for the landlord, her investment will mean her tenant will benefit and ultimately be happier… oh and saving the world (environment).

When this Wonder woman looked at comparing our boiler quote with a British Gas Boiler quote she found. This is for a like for like quote, identical boiler and installation to that which British Gas’ Boiler Quote included

mini marvel logo Bgas logo Total Saving
Net price (inc VAT) £2163 £3455 £1292
APR available 8.6% 14.9% 6.3%
Payable per month £42.13 £80.34  £38.21
Total if paid over 5 yrs £2627.80 £4820  £2192


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As you can see. This is a real life comparison and not a made up comic book storyline!

And at the end of a 5 year finance period – the Marvel Finance option compared to the British Gas Finance option on this boiler replacement – was over £800 cheaper.

Wonder Woman was able to save on her new boiler installation £1292 if she was able to pay for the boiler in one lump sum. I’m sure you can imagine that just because Wonder Woman has super powers and a buy to let property it doesn’t mean that she has a £2163 to throw at the problem… Who does!?

So, when you compare the monthly payment options and the total cost repaid it is simply a no brainer. Wonder Woman went with the everyday heroes.

Marvel – Your everyday hero when your home is subzero, or you want to save money!

As this story comes to a close we installed a new high efficiency Vaillant boiler within a day of giving us the go ahead. It had a 10 years guaranteed manufacturer’s warranty. Wonder Woman was able to pay for it in manageable amounts and she has saved herself the headache of any tenants costing her unpredictable expensive repairs, rent reductions and let’s not forget a total

Save £2192.20

Oh yeah and saved the planet!

 You can find out more about Marvel’s finance options on Boiler Replacements here

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