One Man’s 8 year Journey Part 1st

April 16, 2018 1:00 pm

From Probation to President

Andrew Black- ‘The’ BNI Heating Guy & The Marvel Story

To give a brief over view. I’ve been a BNI member, since 2010, currently 8 years and at the height of Marvel, we had 5 separate, concurrent, BNI memberships.   I grew my business through BNI from a one-man band to a Limited company of 20 plus people, with brand recognition throughout London and a national reputation across social media and within our industry.

I was part of the DC team for three years from 2014 – 2016 and I’ve launched and closed that same chapter over a 2-year period, carried out new leadership term training and, as the title suggests had the pleasure of being Fortune’s Chapter President 2016-2017. My most enjoyable year to date as a BNI member.

I haven’t been asked to write this and it is solely my opinions and the perceptions that I’m expressing,  of my experience throughout the last 8 years of membership, as a means to educate businesses that may consider joining BNI, are currently BNI members or people that are looking to even piece together how to build a business, using BNI’s tools and 30 years of experience, out of their own trade or skill.

I’m also aware that the ‘Marvel story’ is used by some Trainers, DCs and other BNI leadership teams, and maybe if they have the whole story there could be more educational points for you to refer your members to.

I am still a member and can always be reached in person to have a chat or help trouble shoot, reassure, coach, mentor or simply share stories or experiences.


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