Less than £1 for a new Vaillant boiler replacement

July 19, 2016 9:32 pm

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10 Year Guarantee on a brand new Vaillant boiler for less than £1 a day
Our no nonsense, all inclusive, Combi boiler swap price, for a Vaillant Boiler Eco Tech Pro is £2450 with 10 Years of Guarantee.
With our flexible finance options, you can pay for this over however many months is comfortable for you, for example with an initial deposit of only £100 you would repay at an 8.6% APR

£47.99 / month over 5 years  (just over £1.50 / day).

or if you wanted to double the term to 10 years

£28.99 / month  (that’s less than £1/day!)

To book a survey or simply learn more
Let us have your details below and

we will talk you through it.
We fit Vaillant boilers, simply because they are the best, and because we do a water test on the system once installed, which is independently verified which means Vaillant are delighted to an extended the warranty on the boiler to 10 years on our installations.
We always perform a  full flush on the systems that we Install New Boilers on and install a Magnetic Filter to ensure that
  • the system stays clean
  • the boiler healthy and
  • the radiators efficient

Ensuring you have a warm home and lower heating bills.

**Final agreed boiler install price is subject to a survey


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