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What is it and how will it help?

In the most simple terms, a Powerflush is the fastest, most efficient and effective method of cleaning a Central Heating System. The principle is to create a powerful, flow of water using chemicals to agitate and breakdown debris, magnetite and other bits of rust from the system.

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But why should I bother?

Well, those nasty bits of metal in your radiator that shed from your heating system, that result in sludge,  as it heats and cools break your boiler.  As you can see from this pipe image  – the result of a heating system that hasn’t been flushed or treated, leads to small waterways, which can easily block and cause your home’s heating system to come to a standstill.  We always reccomend a powerflush when we install and replace a new boiler or heating installation.   If you regularly service your boiler and have a magnetic filter such as a Fernox T1 Omega filter, depending on the age of your radiators, you may only need to powerflush once every 5 to 10 years.

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How do I know I need a Powerflush?

That black sludge that builds up in the heating system will gather in the bottom of your radiator. So, if your radiator is cold in the bottom when it’s hot at the top, there is a problem and you may need a Powerflush. We are happy to head out to you and assess this for you for free.

“Undergoing a Magnaclean and Powerflush has given our boiler a new lease of life. The whole process was really straight forward and was cheaper than we thought it would be”  

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