Warm Air Boiler Repair

December 15, 2020 5:31 am

You may have a warm air system installed at your property that operates by passing cool air through a heat exchanger, usually powered by either gas or electricity. When the air is warmed it is pushed through into rooms via vents in the floor, walls or ceiling and warms the house quickly. The installation of warm air systems were very popular if not trendy in the 1970’s. Although over the years most have been replaced by water filled radiators. Warm air system suppliers have also diminished over the years and Johnson and Starley are believed to be the only supplier/manufacturer in the UK of warm air related systems and products?

However, a large number still exist. The design of the system denies the need for wall hung radiators thus making a rooms more appealing in terms of layout. One of the shortcomings is lack of flexibility, which means it cannot be extended if the property has been extended.

If the system is gas powered you will have a boiler to warm the air. The boiler should be regularly serviced (at least every year) to ensure all is safe. Aslo, as regulations are constantly being amended regarding ventilation it’s good advice to have a complete assessment of your system to see if it meets with current standards. In the past we have spoken with customers who say they have experienced drafts and household dust being circulating. Drafts could be related to a poorly designed system or outlet grills not appropriately set. The problem with dust in the atmosphere might be caused by a blocked filter or it could be missing altogether? Spring cleaning the filter could overcome problems with temperature control?

Boiler problems?

The problems experienced are similar to those associated with conventional central heating system i.e. breakdowns, no heat, broken fans, control problems etc. In old systems that have not been serviced annually could develop further unseen faults such as leakages. Leakages could spill CO emission, referred to as the a silent killer, as it has no taste, color, or odour and is undetectable if a CO alarm is not present (Visit https://serviceteam.co.uk/co-and-smoke-alarms-london/ for more information).

To avoid such disasters it’s extremely important to ensure that your household isn’t exposed to this risk!. An annual boiler service and the installation of CO alarms will afford you the protection needed. You won’t receive prior warning of this unpleasant killer without proper protection.

Serviceteam have decades of experience and highly qualified engineers, all at your service 24/7. Be it a repair, replacing a part, a gas safety check or annual boiler service. All at competitive prices.

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Diagnosis and Repair

Our engineers are highly skilled in their work, and guarantee to diagnose the fault within the first half-hour. However, if replacement parts are required we will provide a ‘fixed’ price quote for the extra works (no price surprises) and we won’t proceed until we receive your authorisation!

12 Month Guarantee

Serviceteam offers a 12 month guarantee on all replacement parts and workmanship, giving you additional peace of mind and a sense of trust that’s hard to find!

Gas and Heating Related Services

  • Gas Safety Certificate.
    CO and Smoke Alarms.
    Annual Boiler Service.
    Landlord and Homebuyers pack. (Includes Annual Gas Safety Certificate and ECIR report).
    Gas Leak Repairs.
    Boiler Repairs.
    Warm Air Repairs.
    Gas and Heating Engineers.
    Boiler Installation.
    CondenseSure Installation.
    Heating Upgrade Quote.
    Hob or Cooker Replacement.
    Central Heating Powerflush.
    Magnetic System Filter.
    Replacement Radiator Quote.
    Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV).

Why Serviceteam?

Fixed and Fair Prices

We like to feel our prices are competitive. Price is important but expertise and experience are just as important. If you want all three, then call serviceteam. You won’t be disappointed, that’s a promise! We work based on a fair and fixed price. If we are unable to identify the fault within the first half-hour, we will, as a goodwill gesture, not charge you for the visit.

Rapid Response

This is characterized by serviceteam responding within a short interval of time to attend to your needs. This comes under our emergency services response when time is of the essence. Call us and we will endeavor to be with you within hours of placing your call, fully prepared to begin work.

Professionalism and Years of Experience

Serviceteam professionalism is based on our tradespeople and head office teams adhering to a set of standards, a code of conduct which portrays accepted practice within a particular trade area. We acknowledge this important fact and demand our tradespeople and head office team deliver a high-quality service with the utmost dedication that meets your expectations. Our friendly team is available 24/7 to manage your concerns.

Customer’s Satisfaction

No matter how reliable the service is, it all comes down to customer feedback regarding the experience they’ve had with serviceteam. Feedback is a tool that builds a company’s reputation, we do our best to ensure every customer is satisfied. If you’ve not used us before and want reassurance, then please access the customer reviews on our Checkatrade and Trustpilot platforms. Do we hope this will help you decide?

Contact us Today

No matter what the task, be it a repair, replacement, refurbishment, or any maintenance service, our expert team of tradespeople is available 24/7.

Minimal Charges

As we aim to provide you the best services at competitive prices. We do not charge for:

  • Travel time.
    Fuel consumption.
    Congestion Charge.

Charges for the following will apply

  • Any extra parts/materials.
    Any works outside the scope of the project/quotation.
    Ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ).

What you get

  • 24/7 availability.
    Dedicated Service Support Manager for assistance with your task/project.
    1-year Serviceteam Guarantee on workmanship.
    1-year parts and materials guarantee.

Areas Coverage

We offer our services all across London 24/7 with coverage outside Greater London. Call to enquire if we cover your postcode.

  • Any extra parts/materials.
    Any works outside the scope of the project/quotation.
    Ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ).


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