Why fit a magnetic filter?

April 18, 2018 7:59 pm

Why fit a magnetic filter?  Firstly what is a magnetic filter?

A filter catches ‘magnetically’ all of the “sludge” (the technical term for the metal that sheds from the radiators into the water of your heating system).

Every boiler installation, boiler replacement or installation in new build properties we carry out- we will fit a magnetic filter without fail. We charge no extra labour to install this and always breakdown the cost of the filter on the quote which can range from £60-£150 dependent on the size of the filter needed. The make and model of the filter and the offers that the merchants have on too.

The reasons we fit a magnetic filter are simple:

  • The vast majority of manufacturers will do everything they can to get out of having to complete warranty works. This is difficult to do so when the installer has flushed the system in accordance with British Standards and there is visibly a magnetic filter on display.
  • Over time water will eat metal which can cause small fragments of magnetite to travel  around the heating system towards the boiler. Putting a brand-new boiler on a 30-year-old central heating circuit with 20-year-old radiators without this magnetic filter to pull the magnetite away from the water that will pass through boiler can result in the life of your new boiler being significantly reduced.
  • The less sludge in the system, the more efficient the system, the quicker it heats up and the less energy is required. Reducing your carbon footprint and your gas bills.

A magnetic filter is not a replacement for a chemical flush or a power flush, if one is required. It is also important that as detailed a survey as possible, before a new boiler is installed, is completed, to establish if it is necessary  to replace radiators and to identify if they have any signs of corrosion or shedding.

We are often the bearers of bad news, and we know it can feel like many plumbers or heating engineers are trying to get as much money out of each job as they possibly can.

See my blog on Ethics

And it is why we recommend getting 3 quotes and it is why we offer a free quote comparison.

A recent customer had broken down their quote in such away it looked as though they were £560 cheaper when they were £2560 more expensive. Our advice is to deal with technicians not sales people.

We also always do our best to educate our customers, in order that they understand what and why certain things are required. Look out for British gas quotes that say: Magnetic filter £250- charging labour or simply massively marking up the product. A simple Google search will give you a range of prices- Fernox TF1 Filter, Micro Magnaclean, Boilermag filter… the list goes on.

We are beyond the information age and are in the consumer age. You can get a good idea of prices online but if you decide to purchase it yourself whether that be the boiler or filter or thermostat it is now the consumers responsibility should there be an issue.

Also remember if its half price and some point you’ll end up paying double.

We are always happy to advise, compare and negotiate. Despite systems and call centers people still do business with people. But to summarise- whether you buy, or we supply.

Always fit a filter!


Andrew Black

The Heating Guy

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